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The Anytime Omelette Succulent Ham & Cheese

Our succulent Ham and Cheese Omelettes are a classic choice and are cooked with red grated cheese, tasty ham and Dijon mustard for a little added kick of flavour.

The Anytime Omelette
Tasty Vegetarian

Our tasty Vegetarian Omelette option is prepared with red grated cheese, sweet roasted red peppers, onions and smokey harissa spice to create a depth of flavour you don’t usually find in Vegetarian options.

The Anytime Omelette Sausage & Bacon

Our Sausage and Bacon Omelettes are made with red grated cheese and well-seasoned with black pepper. The perfect healthy breakfast that’s quick to prepare and fits in with your lifestyle.

The Anytime Omelette Chicken & Bacon

Our Chicken & Bacon Omelettes are made with delicious red grated cheese and topped with a little smokey harissa spice to ensure they are packed full of flavour.

The Anytime Omelette
Spicy Chorizo & Cheese

Our Spicy Chorizo and Cheese Omelettes have added chilli flakes for a hint of spice. The natural Chorizo oils flavour this Omelette as it’s cooked to create a deep flavour that will leave you wanting more.


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